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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

We are a group of students with various creative backgrounds at Capilano's Arts and Entertainment Management program. Understanding artists' needs and combining them with venue visions have always been a passion for us. We love the artistic environment, and we also like to provide a down-to-earth sense enabling visitors to enjoy and understand the artist's expressions. We are passionate about curating unique exhibitions and gifting the feelings that only art can provide to our audience. We try to build an environment for artists to express their talents and visions through art. 

Being a diverse group from different places and with different professional backgrounds worldwide has given us the tools and knowledge to become a creative and open mind team. We care for emerging artists in Vancouver and want to provide them with exposure by displaying their art. Therefore, our call for submissions is always open to all artists, professional or emerging. 


The Bubble of Art is created by Saghi, Madeline, Koustuv, Sichelle, and Virginia. Although we have different characters with different backgrounds, we have a united passion for curation and art.

Get To Know Us!

Virginia Berdina

Virginia is an Argentinian health professional who has always been interested in visual arts. During her studies, she has taken many courses related to art, curatorship, and the assembly of exhibitions, and has decided to make it her career and her way of life and moved to Canada to be part of the artistic environment.

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Saghi Ehteshamzadeh

Saghi has a background in Cinema Studies and has directed two short films and three documentaries. She has worked in various roles in the art industry back in Iran, such as being the director of international affairs at the 13th Nahal International Short Film Festival. She has also worked as the assistant manager at e1 art gallery in Tehran and as the social media manager at AASSTTIINN.com. Saghi has a great passion for curation and is directing her own multi-disciplinary art project in Vancouver.

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Madeline Speirs

Madeline joined this team because of her own experiences as a digital artist. She has been sharing her work in the digital space and was excited to learn ways to expand on that. Creating a space for different creators to share their work in a meaningful way is a fantastic opportunity for her to experiment with curation and connect with a range of artists and their work.

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Koustuv Islam

Koustuv is a Bangladeshi architect and poet. Being involved in architecture and literary art, she had the chance to explore different forms of art. She has an experience of working as an architect in the Research and Publication sector. She has also worked as a coordinator of creative projects in the field of art and architecture and grown an immense interest in curation. Koustuv has moved to Vancouver to explore the art of curatorial practice with an aim to work with arts and artifacts and contribute to the contemporary art world.

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Sichelle Hokororo

Sichelle has a background in the study of cinema, visual art, and english literature. This is her first experience in curation, and she looks forward to examining art as a healing process through the eyes of a range of creators. Her goal is to amplify the voices of artists who feel unheard, and create a space for people to discuss what art means to them. Her next project is curating a film festival at Capilano University’s Into The Woods festival.

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